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Brave heart

This is something which i have experienced first time in my professional life, felt worth sharing
Priyanshu was referred to Miracles Hospital at 4 months age for severe pneumonia, looking at clinical picture n poor growth an echocardiography was performed. It revealed a complex congenital heart disease " Double outlet right ventricle with large ventricular septal defect" where pure & impure blood gets mixed n lungs get damaged due to high pressures.

I initially referred him to Delhi to my colleagues n thought my job is done.
Sagar father of Priyanshu persisted, kept running from pillar to post, i watched n supprted in background.
First surgery was performed at Fortis Escorts New Delhi, but since then docs gave up.
Sagar searched on internet, i believe he got tech savvy for his son, found a respite in Boston Children's Hospital.
Lot many elite educated parents give up when challenged with critical illness of kids, this guy Sagar, from a very humble background stands like a lion, a brave heart father amongst us !

We did a press conference yesterday..

He needs support

I will tweet these documents to PMO, CM Office & Union health Minister

Please spread this message
We are trying

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